ORB Elementals

The Unique ORB product warmer lend itself perfectly to ‘spur of the moment’ requirements as well as planned ‘mini’ treatments. Leaving your ORB ‘on’ means product can be dispensed and ready to use in just moments or a maximum of 15 minutes if going from ‘cold’. Either way, ORB use is an extremely effective way to upgrade everything you do. Improve the profitability, efficacy and delivery of all your treatments and services by making sure it’s ORB warm delivery.

ORB Elementals - or mini treatments can be single product or multi menu. We have compiled a list but it is not exhaustive – and is limited only by your imagination.

Facial balms, facial oils, oil based serums, treatment masques, paraffin wax masques.

Full body, head massage, neck and shoulder, ‘limb’ specific, deep relax, oil warming.

Body Treatment 
Deep/intense oil wraps, muscle melt paraffin wax body masque, moisturising body oils, body drenches, detox, anticellulite

Warm oil massage, anti-ageing paraffin wax hand masque, cuticle balms.

Deep hydration, paraffin wax foot masque, lower leg massage oils and warming foot treatments.

Scalp & Hair
Warm oil treatments, conditioning treatments, hair masques.

Brows, upper lip, chin, nose, ears, toes, fingers, underarm and mini bikini.