Our Story

How was the ORB conceived, by Jane Scrivner, Co-Founder of the ORB.

I was always experimenting with techniques and delivery and so I started to develop and design treatments.  As part of writing the Jane Scrivner treatment menu I was using some of the thermotherapy principles I had learned with LaStone - the power of warmth and the repair of cool.  I wanted to find a better way to deliver my oils and balms warm – for enhanced delivery, efficacy and results, both physically and sensorially.  And that’s where the ORB came in.

My partner (of 24 years now!) was an engineer and his business was creating heating elements for the domestic appliance industry.  We discussed the possibility of him creating a warming device, to make my treatments more effective and more luxurious and he set to work.  I wanted:

  • it to be hand-held. 
  • to be able to put it down and pick it up anytime during a treatment. 
  • oils and balms to remain at the exact same temperature. 
  • Oh, and of course I wanted it to look gorgeous….

Having spent my time in spas around the world, training therapists I knew that we were expected to deliver a seamless treatment, keeping the room immaculate and the client in their treatment bubble BUT the only appliances we had were better suited to commercial kitchens and often hidden in a cupboard.  I wanted something we could leave out, that performed but also said indulgent, luxury and fitted the high design of the spa environment. 

In 2011 we launched Sparcana Ltd which is home to both brands; ORB and Jane Scrivner.  We did the ‘Dragons Den’ thing at Warwick University, which was terrifying.  We secured investment and now we are a staff of four with a global reach and aspirations to get ORB in every treatment room around the world – no big ask, but we are on the way. 

2015 sees the launch of the complete ORB Treatment Portfolio which is our comprehensive training programme for ORB use across all the disciplines, facial, massage, bodywork, waxing, manicures and pedicures and a college programme too.

Next year we celebrate two anniversaries 20 years since embarking into the spa industry and 5 years of Sparcana Ltd and we have huge plans for the future.