ORB Mocha

A mocha ORB, a beautiful dark chocolate brown, with two product cups and universal adaptor.  Your very own, unique hand held product warmer for warming skincare, facial oils, paraffin waxes, hair removal waxes and much, much more.

The 35ml capacity cup is big enough for a full body massage and accurate enough for detailed eyebrow waxing, extremely versatile and hugely efficient, warm perfection in the palm of your hand.

Or try our ORBserts, our prefilled, disposable, portion control and hygienic hair removal wax or paraffin wax cups.  Simply peel away the film, drop into the ORB chamber, replace the lid and heat up.  Once the indicator light stops flashing and becomes solid, the product is ready to use. 
Fully recyclable, ORBserts are a hygienic, economic and efficient way to deliver your choosen product. 

Think efficient, convenient hair removal, think deeply relaxing paraffin wax masques, think warming pedicures and anti ageing wax masques in manicures - no mess, no fuss, think ORBsert.

Heat up, apply, dispose! 

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ORB Mocha
£145.00 ex VAT