ORB Pedicure Starter Kit

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A clever, anti ageing, nourishing, hydrating and easy to apply, paraffin wax foot masque.  Combined with nourishing natural oils from Jane Scrivner Award Winning Skincare, simply, drop the ORBSERT into your gorgeous white ORB, wait for it to melt and then apply, beautiful brush full after beautiful brush full to wherever is required.

Your kit contains; A white ORB, an ORB Body brush and 2 boxes (20) of Refresh ORBSERTs - pedicure perfection in a box,
allowing you to upgrade your pedi with a luxurious paraffin wax add-on - simply unwrap, heat and paint.

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White ORB
ORB Body brush (recommended for pedicures), tapered taklon fibre, heat resistant.
Refresh ORBSERT's x 2 boxes (20) treatments.

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ORB Pedicure Starter Kit (White)
£145.00 ex VAT