ORB Facial Starter Kit

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Everything you need to deliver, the perfect, professional, luxurious, paraffin wax masque with nourishing natural oils from Jane Scrivner Award Winning Skincare.  Simply, drop the ORBSERT into your gorgeous white ORB, wait for it to melt and then apply, beautiful brush full after beautiful brush full.

Your kit contains; A white ORB, an ORB Face brush and a box of Nourish ORBSERTs - facial perfection in a box.

What are ORBserts?

ORBserts are convenient prefilled, disposable product cups for us within the ORB. Simply drop into the ORB chamber, peel away the film, replace the lid and heat up. 

Once the inicator light stops flashing and becomes solid, the product is ready to use. 

Fully recyclable, ORBserts are a hygienic, economic and efficient way to deliver your choosen product. 

Heat up, apply, dispose! 

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White ORB
ORB Facial brush, tapered taklon fibre, heat resistant.
NOURISH Orbserts x box of 10

ORB Facial Kit (White)
£145.00 ex VAT