The World's first, hand held, product warmer with unique warm brush application.

Its time to introduce ORB efficiency, reliability, economy and luxury to your business.


Unique, luxury, warm brush application:

The deeply relaxing brush application feels like blades of warmth are flowing over your skin, seamlessly melting in the skincare.

Increased treatment revenue:

Offering ORB warm treatment upgrades gives you the opportunity to increase ATR.

Transforms your treatment offering:

ORB treatment menu transforms your treatment offering without having to change your skincare brand or lose time on lengthy training.

Continuous heat in the palm of your hand:

ORB temperature reliability means your focus is on your client 100% of the treatment. ORB 100% reliability means no longer having to ‘temperature test’ on wrists or hands.


Once charged, ORB is designed to work OFF the docking station with no requirement to return within the hour, allowing the therapist to put it down and pick it up whenever or wherever during the treatment time, without the need to re charge or return to the docking station.

60 minutes of constant temperature:

Once charged, ORB can be used off the docking station, with the lid removed and every brush full will be exactly the same temperature.

15 minute heat up time:

ORB takes just 15 minutes to store the heat required for 60 minutes of use.

Empty warm up facility:

ORB can be heated whilst empty, allowing you to dispense product as and when required. Empty warm up is perfect for mobile therapists or impromptu use.

Warms products, safely, reliably and luxuriously:

ORB has a set temperature, perfect for facial application.

State of the art ‘heat store’ technology:

ORB is designed to be used away from the docking station and not connected to any power supply, the unique heat storage allows perfect temperature even with the lid removed.

Improving product efficacy by increasing skin absorbency:

Once warmed, products feel finer and absorb deeper. Warmth accelerates circulation giving deeper, more effective penetration.

Upgrades all your current treatments and services:

ORB transforms the application experience, the product efficacy and the client journey.

Light cycle to keep you informed of temperature status:

ORB light system will ‘talk’ to you during use, allowing you to know when it is ready, when it senses cold product being dispensed into the cup and when it needs to go back to the docking station for restoring heat.

Award winning design:

ORB is an award winning appliance.

ORB combines portion control, reduced wastage, and increased product efficacy with sublime treatment delivery. The multi-use capabilities

make the ORB an economical and cost effective solution for your spa or salon and provides a totally new ‘warmth sensation’.